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Why Do I Need a Medicare Plus Plan?

Having healthcare insurance or medicare for yourself and for your family is important for several reasons.

With a Medicare Plus Plan or health insurance ready, you will not be thrown into an alarming financial strait in case you or an immediate family gets sick unexpectedly. Also, as a policyholder, you can have access to the following: consult a doctor for preventive services to help you avoid serious illnesses, affordable and priority care for your ongoing health conditions, and treatments that are within reach for immediate health issues such as chronic or any unexpected injury.

Medicare Plus’s mission is to provide exceptional and affordable healthcare security for Filipinos that is why we have healthcare plans that are customizable based on your lifestyle and budget.

I want to talk to a Medicare Plan Advisor

"Dahil sa kumuha ako ng Medicare Plan para kay mommy laking tulong talaga lalo na nung kailangan nya ng biglaang operation. Don ko na appreciate na iba talaga kapag may health insurance."
-Julia B., Sales Agent March 2022

"Nung pandemic naranasan namin na super hirap humanap ng appointment sa doctor kaya this time sinigurado kong kahit may dumating pang isang pandemic hindi na kami mahihirapan kasi kumuha na kami ng Medicare."
-Cynthia F., BPO Employee February 2022